Developmental trauma





Developmental trauma is a term that is used to describe early, repeated relational traumas and loses that are experienced in the context of significant relationships usually early on in life. There can be a number of developmental vulnerabilities as a result of these risk factors. The level and severity is determined by what the child has experienced, when they experienced it and whether there was anyone around supporting them.

We will support you to trace back the child’s lived experiences from their perspective and work out what will be helpful for us all to do to support the child into recovery. We will do this by supporting the child to feel safe, soothed and seen in order to learn security.

At Luna Therapy we use an integrative relational approach of play therapy, dyadic developmental psychotherapy, Theraplay and Sensory attachment intervention.

We follow the neuro-sequential model, referred to as the 3 R’s that is recommended by Dr Bruce Perry, trauma specialist.

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